First one of the year

It’s here again, the season, comes for fast after all those cold and wet winter rides, riding round miserable soaking just waiting to get home. But this winter I’ve managed to get a great coach onboard. Roy Holmes of Holmes cycling give him a follow on twitter and visit his website at whether amateur to professional he has the one package for you. 

So with that it’s been a lot of new training types and rides, varying from tempo rides, to long efforts to prepare me for racing and it’s been a lot more interesting and enjoyable than just riding round for hours. Now it’s come to the racing I feel much better, stronger and faster and ready to race. 

It’s been quite a pain applying for teams as many have folded and it’s a fight for places but last minute I’ve managed to get a place in the Cornish team of Saint Piran. A solid team with a good setup and a great plan for the future with helping young riders move up the ladder. I can’t wait to get racing with the team and be able to help and be helped in races rather than constantly working against 4/5 other riders. Give the team a follow on Instagram at Saint piran and on Facebook at Saint Piran cycling. So now it’s end of march I’ve only had one race. Which wasn’t really a race at Pimbo. At 4 degrees and pooring down rain the whole race it was safe to say I was completely frozen to the bone and the race actually got shortened due to the conditions. I went with all 3 attacks there was but nothing got more than a few seconds. As I’m no sprinter I attacked 2 laps to go and a few came across but yet again nothing could stick so for the sprint just finished in the bunch. The next race was Dolphinholme in which I entered on the line. I was 2nd reserve and got given my number and paid and told I could race. I was prepared, arrived 2 hours early and was up for the race because it suited me really well. Warmed up for 20 minutes or so and went to the rider briefing, where 2 minutes before the start of the race told I wasn’t able to race, which was ridiculous and the reserve 3 rider who was clearly behind me started the race, so I was pushed out the race for someone who arrived after me. Fair? I think not but didn’t let it get me down and moved on.

So my next race which I’m fully prepared and ready for is this Sunday 2nd of April and is Capernwray road race. 70 miles around a lumpy circuit which suits me. Can’t wait to get going. Just today my new race bike has arrived which is identical to my training bike so I can just hop on and away I go. Thanks to my coach Roy Holmes for helping me set the bike all up, glueing the tubs on, just helping me out all round can’t thank him enough. 

So that’s it for now will keep you updated with small updates each week and an overall each month. 

Thanks again to the Lewis Balyckyi trust fund for supporting me this season. Proud to be apart of it. 

Thanks for reading 

David Reece

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